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Sport specific Yoga stretches.

These pages are because, while we all wish it were, sometimes it's just not possible to have a massage.  Having practised yoga for over 15 years, completed a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher training course and really felt the benefits and the difference between days when I did and did not stretch, I wanted to provide some simple, yoga based stretches which focus on areas that are known to get a workout from specific sports (that said, any of these would be beneficial to any activity).

These stretches can be done by anyone, anywhere, to help stretch out tight muscles and to reduce the chance of next day muscle soreness.

Remember Yoga is all about breath and the stretches will be much more beneficial if you can breathe deeply and fully in each position. If you are holding your breath or squeezing yourself into a position, it's unlikely to be doing you the good it is designed for!

Stay mindful during stretching and listen to your body, feeling the stretch and feeling a movement to be tough, but do-able is okay, feeling pain is NOT the goal.  Don't strain your body. I have included images of less and more intense versions of the stretch in some cases, but even if there is no picture of a less forceful stretch option, please do only what is within the limits of your body on any given day.

I am not a doctor, so please, if in doubt or you have a medical condition of any sort, don't do these poses before consulting a medical professional. If you are pregnant, listen to your body and avoid anything that leans on or folds into your bump.

If you're interested in the more thorough stretches of a Yoga class, check out the Strength & Serenity Facebook page for an up-to-date timetable for group classes, or contact me for a private session. Vinyasa, Yin, Pre and Post Natal classes all available, for any level of practitioner.



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Our treatment rooms is situated at Hotel du Lac on the edge of Lake Montriond.

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